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Appellate Consulting

Appellate Consulting

The Law Office of Paul Kujawsky offers appellate consulting services to attorneys.  As a consultant, Mr. Kujawsky can provide:

  • Advice on positioning the case for possible appeal during the trial stage
  • Guidance through the appellate process as an outside consultant

Appellate Positioning During Trial

At the trial stage, even a well-situated client faces the possibility that he or she will not prevail.  Mr. Kujawsky has a thorough understanding of every phase of the litigation process, allowing him to provide invaluable advice even before a case reaches the appellate phase.  Mr. Kujawsky can assist in developing creative litigation strategies, crafting effective post-trial motions, and identifying issues for appeal or post-appeal.  Mr. Kujawsky can provide the insight you need to position your client for success.

For further information on engaging an appellate attorney before or during trial, read Appellate Counsel Part of Litigation Team.

Guidance Through the Appeals Process

Rather than refer a client to another lawyer for an appeal, trial attorneys frequently wish to continue working with their client post-trial.  Mr. Kujawsky offers advice and guidance on the appeal as an outside consultant, providing a fresh perspective on the case as well as the strong writing skill and analytical ability necessary to prevail on appeal.  If you are an attorney who needs assistance with an appeal, Mr. Kujawsky’s appellate expertise can be an effective complement to your deep knowledge and understanding of your client’s case and the issues involved.

For further information on the advantages of hiring an appellate lawyer, see the Why Hire an Appellate Lawyer page of this website.

Geographic Region and Billing

Services are available in Los Angeles and throughout California.  Mr. Kujawsky is admitted to practice in all California state courts, the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California, the Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, and the D.C. Federal Circuit Court.

The Law Office of Paul Kujawsky offers a simple flat fee structure, with no hourly billing.  As a solo practitioner, Mr. Kujawsky is able to keep expenses down and pass the savings on to the client.

Seek Experienced Legal Counsel

If you need a knowledgeable appellate attorney to position your case for possible appeal during the trial phase, assist you with post-trial motions, or guide you through the appellate process, contact The Law Office of Paul Kujawsky in Los Angeles for a complimentary consultation today.


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